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We are concerned about your health?whether or not you decide to come into the office as a patient. The original meaning of the word ?doctor? was ?teacher?. With that in mind, this site provides you with hundreds of articles about health and healing. Use the search engine on your left to find articles on various health topics.

There are two full-length books contained here. Both books can assist you in your quest for health. Fifty Ways to Lose Your Blubber has information about weight loss and Practical Magic (in the section on Holistic Health) is an overview of natural health care.

The more you understand about health, the easier it is to become healthy and stay healthy. Return often?we are always adding information for you. Also, if you wish to receive our regular e-newsletter, sign up with your e-mail address in the upper right part of this page. Try our health quiz?just click the appropriate button on the left.
As I see it every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself.?Adelle Davis

Good health is a matter of good structural chemical and spiritual balance, no more, no less. Gimmicks, panaceas and simplistic approaches that stress a single idea do not work. Our goal is to help you to understand health problems and to find treatments that address the cause of your health problems, and not merely treat symptoms.

People with health problems are best served by doctors and other professionals trained in diagnosis and treatment, but an informed patient is easier to treat. Understanding nutrition and physiology can help you to stay healthy. It is our desire to help you in your informed quest for good health.