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Hello! Welcome to the new website for Windy City Wellness.  Please search through the numerous information packed articles attached to the sections off to the left of your screen.  Continue to check back for additional resources and content.  Thank You for visiting. 


- Services -
Chiropractic Medicine
Sports Medicine
Applied Kinesiology
Nutritional Counseling
Weight Loss Programs
Exercise Counseling
Detoxification Programs
Dr. Pontarelli effectively treats people with:
Low Back and Neck Pain
Shoulder and Arm Pain
Hip and Knee Pain
Sports Injuries
Chronic Fatigue
Digestive Disturbances
Sleep Disturbances
Whiplash Injuries
Allergies (Food and Airborne)


-Mission -

Dr. Pontarelli believes in using a spectrum of healing methods to achieve optimal health in his patients. These include the sciences of chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition and applied kinesiology.

Goals For Patients

Dr. Pontarelli aims to help patients return to an active and rewarding lifestyle as quickly as possible without the use of drugs or surgery. Dr. Pontarelli understands that the healing process extends far beyond pain relief and strongly believes in educating and motivating his patients to make lifestyle changes that will prevent further injury or illness.

Your Body's Wisdom

Your ability to heal is built in. By providing your body with the proper support, it can and will heal naturally, without invasive types of treatment.