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Meet "The Answer Doctors"

Drs. Sinclare and Bellinghausen have collectively over 21 years of experience.  These unique practitioners stand out in more ways than one.  New patients are surprised to see such modern-day physicians reminescent of the "old days" when doctors were totally dedicated to the health and well-being of their patients.

 "People come to us when they've been everywhere else and they haven't found any answers," says Dr. Sinclare.  "They still don't know why they're tired all the time, why their back and joints continue to ache, why they still have digestive problems, or why their hormones are out of balance."

We love working with patients who have tried all the standard procedures and were told that there was nothing wrong with them.  Since symptoms often show up before disease sets in, we look for the dysfunction before it progresses to disease, using such methods as Applied Kinesiology, exams, questionaires, urine, and blood tests.

A patient's blood work, originally interpreted as "normal," will often reveal patterns that can predict a developing health problem.  By monitoring it's we can help prevent a crisis stemming from a condition that wasn't obvious. 

We look beyond a patients' symptoms by addressing all three components that make them who they are as a total person: their nutrition, muscle structure, and stress levels.  This "whole body" approach includes Applied Kinesiology and nutritional evaluation.  We have had over 300 hours of training in both nutrition and Applied Kinesiology as well as chiropractic training. Our goal is to coach our patients to achieve and maintain maximum health.

By taking a whole body approach to health care we have treated conditions as varied as digestive problems, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, arthritis, and allergies.  We also treat more typical chiropractic conditions such as neck and back pain with the use of gentle, non-force adjustments.