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Children and Natural Health Care and AK

Natural health care can address common childhood health problems effectively. Headaches, sinus problems, asthma, allergies and a variety of health problems all respond to natural health care. Children respond very well to chiropractic and applied kinesiology treatment. 

            Perhaps more important than correcting current health problems in a child is creating life-long good health. Childhood is the time to create a good foundation for health. The child is developing his or her nervous system, skeletal system and every other organ and system in the body. The effects of a poor diet, poor musculoskeletal balance or other stress to the body are much more far-reaching in a child than in an adult.


Structural balance


            Children sit for long periods of time in school. This can create imbalance muscle development. Some muscles are shortened, some are too tight. This mechanical imbalance can predispose the child to injuries. It will also create spinal imbalance and misalignments.

            Uncorrected spinal misalignments ultimately affect the nervous system, affecting every organ and system in the body. A young person is usually healthy enough and has enough resistance that these spinal imbalances do not produce symptoms. Later in life, however, symptoms can develop. Many major health problems in adulthood could be prevented by balancing the spine and nervous system early in life.

            Sports are good for physical development. Balancing with applied kinesiologyand chiropractic will reduce the chance for injury and improve performance. Address sports injuries early—they can cause problems later in life.


Posture: Good posture is an important part of maintaining structural balance. The pelvis should be centered above both feet. The shoulders should be centered above the feet and pelvis and the head should be centered above the shoulders, pelvis and feet. The shoulder and hips should be level. When viewed from the side, the ear should be centered over the shoulder. The shoulder should be centered over the pelvis. When approaching a wall, the chest should touch first. A doctor trained in applied kinesiology and chiropractic can evaluate and correct your child’s posture (if need be). Call our office for a consultation and we can discuss this and other health issues with you.




            Good nutrition is so important for developing bodies. The developing nervous system needs B vitamins and essential fatty acids. Trace minerals are needed as cofactors for enzymes. Protein and calcium are necessary for growth.

            Similarly, eating refined food, additives, hydrogenated oils (transfats) and empty calories can set the tone for poor health throughout life. ADD/ADHD, allergies, poor immune function, fatigue and many other health problems can have their root in poor nutrition. Your chiropractor trained in applied kinesiology can help provide you with nutritional strategies to ensure a lifetime of good health for your child.

            Another nutritional issue is related to structure. Nutritional deficiencies may be due to poor absorption. Restoring proper nerve supply to the digestive system with chiropractic and applied kinesiology helps to solve this problem.


Infections and childhood diseases


            While it is sometimes necessary to treat infections with drugs, infectious disease needs a relatively unhealthy body to find a home. The bubonic plague killed half of the people in Europe in the fourteenth century. That means the other half didn’t get the disease; they were healthier.

            We say things like, “Yesterday I caught a cold.” That implies that everyone around you “missed” the cold. The germs, with Michael Jordan-like moves, faked right, spun left, avoiding everyone else and slam-dunked into you. At work, school or any place where a lot of people are together, there are people who are sick all of the time and there are people who are never sick. Do the germs keep missing the same people all of the time? Of course not, people who don’t get sick have better cell function, enzyme function, hormone function, immune system function and better overall health.  

            Wouldn’t it be wise to treat and improve health before a disease develops? If your car runs reasonably well and you take it to a mechanic, he doesn’t say, “There’s nothing wrong with your car, bring it to me when it doesn’t run.” A car has need of a mechanic, even when it is running. It needs regular maintenance to keep it running. The mechanic will change the oil and spark plugs in an otherwise “healthy” car. He doesn’t wait until the engine locks up from lack of oil.

            The body is no different. Give your children the advantage of a health program that promotes health naturally and improves resistance to disease. The time to fight the infection is before it occurs.


Neurological disorganization


The nervous system develops in specific stages. The spinal cord and medulla (lower brain) develops from before birth until the age of 16 weeks; only reflex actions are possible at this point. Between 16 weeks until six months the ponsdevelops making homolateral activity, and visual and auditory function possible. The midbrain develops between six months and one year, making cross pattern (crawling) activity possible. Between one and five years there is early cortical development; there is still mostly homolateral activity. Between the ages of three and eight years cortical hemispheric dominance (right or left handedness) develops.

Problems with neurological development can be created with the developing nervous system by bottle-feeding a baby (always on the same side), use of walkers, trying to get a child to walk before he or she is ready, forcing a child to use eating utensils before he or she is ready, and trying to control handedness. In short, interfering with a stage of development or trying to hurry the next stage of development can create problems. Neurological disorganization can be caused by injury or illness as well.

When neurological disorganization is present the eyes may not function well together. This can create difficulty for the brain in perceiving the environment and possibly lead to learning disability. It may create problems coordinating the extremities and getting them to work well together. The child may be uncoordinated, have trouble dressing, or have trouble reading.



Balancing the body’s structure and chemistry utilizing applied kinesiology and chiropractic can solve many health problems by addressing the cause. Please feel free to call our office to schedule a consultation to discuss this or any other health issues you may have.