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Cranial Motion and AK


While we think of the skull as a solid bone, it is actually several bones tightly joined together. The bones are linked by joints known as sutures, and move very slightly in a definite rhythm. The movement corresponds with filling and emptying of cerebrospinal fluid. If you have ever observed a fish in water and movement of the gills, human cranial movement is similar (although not nearly as pronounced). The sacrum, or tail bone, has a similar rhythm.

Trauma (including birth trauma), allergies, mal-occlusion of teeth and other things can affect this cranial sacral rhythm. Problems with this mechanism can have a profound effect on the nervous system and health in general. This mechanism can be involved with high blood pressure, allergies, migraine headaches, fatigue, ADD, ADHD, and a variety of complaints. A chiropractor trained in treating the cranial sacral mechanism can help balance the nervous system using this tool.

            Balancing the body’s structure and chemistry utilizing applied kinesiologyand chiropractic can solve many health problems by addressing the cause. Please feel free to call our office to schedule a consultation to discuss this or any other health issues you may have.