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 Nw Holistic Nutrition is pleased to offer remote


therapy consultations!  Through the use of Hair


Mineral Analysis, we can determine a bio-individual


protocol for clients who are not able to see Carrie in




The package includes:


-Online Nutritional Assessment Report (over 200 questions to analyze symptom burden)

-Food Journal Analysis

-Comprehensive Health History Intake

- Hair Analysis (a comprehensive analysis of mineral imbalances, biounavailability of minerals, oxidation rate, stage of stress response, and metal toxicity.  The findings on the hair analysis reveal foundational and often hidden roadblocks to full healing.

-Customized food lists, menu plan, and supplement protocol

-Unlimited e-mail support

-Two 30-minute phone sessions included

For remote consultations, intake forms will be mailed upon receipt of payment. Currently we accept checks and cash only.  Sliding scale is available; please inquire for details.

To see the full menu of services offered and fees, please click here.

To schedule a remote consultation, click here.