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What can I expect from a Nutritional Therapist?
I employ many diverse assessment tools including mineral tests, pulse analysis, chiropractic (spinal) reflexes, neuro-lymphatic reflexology, lingual-neural testing, food journal analyses, hair analysis, and most of all, a comprehensive 200-question symptom analysis tool and a thorough health history.  I act as a ?personal health investigator? who gathers all the evidence and I analyze the patterns and we get to the heart of the problem.
Then, I put together a comprehensive, personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement nutrition plan that is tailored specifically to you, with your goals in mind!
No Shortcuts
Unfortunately, the road to healing is a journey that takes time, dedication, and commitment.  Think of the years it has taken for our bodies to become ill and run down.  It takes time to heal.
My approach as a nutritional therapist is to provide the nutrients your body deeply needs and rebalance your biochemistry so that your body can heal itself.
Your body is a highly sophisticated, adaptable, intelligent machine that knows how to heal itself.  Often what we see as symptoms are actually the body's way of responding to some kind of stress.
A rash, for example, is the body's attempt at getting something toxic out of the body.  A fever is the body's natural mechanism for conquering a virus.  Pain is a signal that something needs to be assessed.  Weight gain is an attempt by the body to store fuel in the event that it senses famine. 
When symptoms are looked at in this way, it presents a whole new picture of health and healing.
The traditional method of "health" is to simply unplug the "check engine light" which is trying to signal that something is wrong. 
Instead of supressing symptoms, Nutritional Therapy uses symptoms as clues to the underlying problem.