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Many Americans accept poor sleep, lack of energy, poor digestion, aches, pains and stress as part of life. As long as they can find temporary relief from these conditions and continue to meet the demands of work and home, they consider themselves ?healthy?. Temporary relief is usually found in some form of medication.

Temporary relief - what?s the problem with it?
Choosing to deal with health problems this way can be compared to smashing a smoke detector without looking for the source of the smoke. The annoying buzz is silenced but the real cause of the alarm is not identified or dealt with. Likewise caring for the body by treating the symptom of an illness without finding its cause, sacrifices long term health and limits enjoyment of daily activities.

Comprehensive chiropractic offers an alternative solution. By encouraging patients to be alert to the body?s warning system, and to seek the root cause of their health conditions, corrections can be made before these conditions become major injuries or illnesses.

Dr. Green offers specialized, comprehensive chiropractic care. Patients have a broad choice of procedures under one all-inclusive, low-cost fee.Dr. Green applies these latest procedures with the experience gained from seeing over 12,000 patients with a wide variety of health problems. The combination of these procedures provides faster relief and longer lasting results. This translates into fewer office visits and more cost-effective health improvement.

Our patients experience consistent improvement in problems which have not responded to medical care or to traditional chiropractic adjustments alone. Our thorough evaluations bring together large amounts of signs and symptoms. When viewed altogether, they reveal patterns of disorder often overlooked by other methods


Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a gentle, manual method of muscle testing to reveal or treat precise muscle weakness or nerve impairment. It is the primary method employed in Dr. Green?s comprehensive chiropractic care. It should not be confused with kinesiology, which is a study of muscle action.

The human body is often subjected to stresses beyond what it can handle. These stresses can be common every day things like too much caffeine, not enough rest, a strenuous workout at the gym, or an emotionally stressful day at the office. They can also be more acute incidents such as a sudden fall, a car accident, or exposure to a toxin. When these stresses are encountered, the brain turns off certain body parts in an effort to protect other parts (similar to breaker switches in a home?s electrical system). This nervous system ?shut down? by the brain results in muscle weakness and nerve impairment. Initially, this shut down results in a reduced ability to perform (muscle weakness, joint instability, poor digestion, poor sleep, and nagging aches and pains). Over time, these ?shut downs? can lead to a variety of ailments in the joints, organs, arteries, and muscles.

Applied Kinesiology procedures detect the precise location of muscle weakness and nerve impairment. These same gentle, manual procedures can then be used to immediately ?switch on? the nervous system at these locations, which in turn activates the body?s natural healing process to restore function and performance.

Additionally, AK techniques are used to monitor the effectiveness of specific treatments to further stabilize and heal the affected muscles and nerves. Specific spinal adjustments, nutritional supplements, and exercises can be tested by AK, assisting in the choice of the most effective methods to aid the body in healing itself and restoring its ability to perform.

Whole Body Health Survey is a questionnaire used to provide clues to the body systems causing or aggravating your major health problem.

Functional Examination involves a concise evaluation of restricted joint mobility to identify muscle tensions. Releasing these tensions will restore freedom of movement.

Postural Alignment Assessment is an examination of the spine to determine imbalances of the head, shoulders, and hips. It is essential to identify and correct any imbalance for a more rapid recovery from muscle-joint problems.

Nutritional Assessment is a profile of your symptoms that provides reliable indicators of nutritional needs. Muscle testing indicates the specific supplements needed by your body to speed recovery. You will no longer waste money by using supplements that your body doesn?t really require. You may bring your ?bag of vitamins? from home to be tested for their effectiveness.

Testing of Environmental and Food Sensitivities involves a series of muscle tests performed to indicate your specific sensitivities to chemicals, pollens, house pets or common foods. Many health problems are aggravated by these sensitivities. Reducing exposure to these items can facilitate healing. In some cases, nutritional supplements can be recommended to strengthen your body against the effects of these sensitivities.

Focused Corrective Exercises are simple exercises designed by Dr. Green and recommended for your specific area of concern. In less than ten minutes daily, you can expect a significant improvement in stiff joints. This will prepare your spine for more effective adjustments, speeding your recovery, reducing your number of visits and your cost of care.

Practical Dietary Advice includes a simplified chart designed by Dr. Green, which will guide you to wholesome food choices readily available at the local grocery store. Making a habit of healthy food choices will improve your body?s ability to function and repair itself. This will reduce your need for supplements and office visits, thus reducing your cost of care overall.

Activator or Gentle Spinal Adjustment - The Activator is a hand-held instrument that gently and precisely moves the spinal vertebrae into position, restoring nerve function throughout the body and allowing the body to heal itself. Gentle, manual manipulation is sometimes used, as well. With Applied Kinesiology, Dr. Green is able to perform a minimal number of specific and effective adjustments with the least amount of stress on the body. Since 1895, chiropractic adjustments have proven clinically effective and continue to compile an impressive safety record.

Saving Money on Health Care


If you are concerned with your current health condition, the problem can be magnified by a money issue. Increasing numbers of people without insurance are confronted with the options of prolonged pain, medication, frequent ER visits or costly diagnostic procedures.


We are commited to caring for  each patient affordably and effectively as a whole person, and not as an insurance policy.


Unfortunately, insurance companies limit their coverage to specific spinal manipulation at the point pain. By not participating with their reimbursement process we are able to offer lower fees for more complete care. Furthermore, we are able to focus our attention on our patients and not on paperwork. We can assure you that the treatment you receive is the treatment your body needs and is not limited by what your insurance will cover or by your lack of insurance coverage.


Please give us a call to inquire about our low fees and cost-effective procedures.

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We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in your quest for better health and wellness.





Meet the Staff

Dr. Larry Green: Dr. Green graduated from National University of Health Sciences with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1958. He has been in private practice since that date, with the addition of Applied Kinesiology/Cranio-sacral Technique since 1972. He has clinical nutrition experience since 1982. He opened a new practice in Mason, Michiganin 2005. His expertise continues to develop through personal study and seminars. He and his wife Betty have been married for over 50 years. They have 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren.

Rachel VanKleek: Rachel is a student at Mason High School. Her activities and interests include track and field, writing, dance, drama, and mountain biking. She is the daughter of Kent and Julia (Green) VanKleek. She is Dr. Green?s granddaughter.

Jennifer (Green) Shuptar: Jennifer has been involved in the health and fitness field since age 12, when she began working with her father, Dr. Green. She was involved in many aspects of his practice until graduating from high school. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree at MichiganStateUniversity, which included studies in nutrition, physiology, and dance. She has certifications as an aerobic instructor and personal trainer and has taught and trained in several fitness facilities over the past 25 years. She and her husband Steve have four children.