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It was very easy to make an appointment.  Dr. Mitten is very friendly and definetly gives a positive experience.  I have had headaches for years.  After the first visit I felt amazing.  I was very nervous about going to a chiropractor after a very bad experience but Dr. Mitten was fabulous.  It was a pain free and very comfortable atmosphere.  Would definetly recommend him to anyone.



You alway feel better than before you went in.  No question, Dr. Mitten is very good at what he does.  Best Chiro in Northern Lake County.



Today is yet another morning when I awoke feeling wonderful since my treatment with Dr. Mitten.  My back hasn't felt this great in nearly 25 years.  Thank you for continuing to do great work.  It certainly makes a difference to me and I will continue to tell others about your work.



I have been a patient of Dr. Mitten's for sixteen years.  He is a fine and compassionate healer of the whole body as well as the mind.  He is blessed with strength as well as gentleness, and the skill to see beneath the surface and find the true source of the pain and how to live with it over time with therapeutic touch and the power of chiropractic.



I alway look forward to my next visit with Dr. Mitten.  I've been seeing him about once a month for the last 16 years.



There are many things that I like about the office of Dr. Mitten and my appointments there, 1) very friendly and warm, 2) prompt, always on schedule, 3) helpful with any part of the body in pain, 4) enjoyable music.  I was in much pain when I first came to Dr. Mitten's office and very pessimistic.  His mother was in the office for a treatment and she said to me that Dr. Mitten will help my neck, back and arm.  I'm not a pessimist anymore.  I was helped tremendously by Dr. Miiten.  My neck, back and arm are 99.98% better.

Keep up the good work, Martha


Dr. Mitten and his secretary are very polite with the patients.  They always cheer you up if you are down.  The office is very clean and sanitary.  The tables are very comfortable.  I would recommend anyone with back problems or any problem to come to Dr. Mitten.  He is a very nice person.  He keeps you smiling and makes you feel much better.



For 10 years I could hardly move both of my shoulders without being in pain.  Then I met Dr. Mark Mitten.  He came right down to Albuquerque to give me an adjustment.  He said I think I know what your problem is.  I laid down on the table and he gave me a tweak to the right side of the neck and a tweak to the left.  I haven't had any pain since and that has been about 4 years ago.  I'm still mad at him about that because I was getting a lot of sympathy before.  Now I can't seem to get any. Ha! Ha!




I had severe neck pain and was off work for 6 weeks.  My medical doctor said I would need surgery if pain meds did not work.  I came to see Dr. Mitten and he fixed my neck in two visits.  I have never been to a doctor who really knows his job and can fix me up in so few sessions.  I would and do, recommend him to everyone I know.



I come to see Dr. Mitten when my neck goes out due to strenuous exercise or lifting my horse saddle.  At one appointment, I came in and mentioned that I have been going to a Podiatrist and he recommended icing.  Dr. Mitten adjusted my foot and now I can walk without a limp and have no pain.